Active Retirees



Active Retirees

Many of us have worked hard to reach a comfortable retirement. Our health and financial freedom allow us to do all those things we like to do. For many its travel, travel and more travel. But there are many other things which are also best enjoyed as a couple. More often than not, the simplest things in life are the most enjoyable if shared with the right company.

Your family and close circle of friends are a blessing at the best of times but you can’t see them all the time as they have their own busy lives. The gym, dance class, golf/tennis/bowling club for example are all great places to connect socially and keep up with physical and mental health… BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ONE-ON-ONE CONNECTION?

Sifting through online dating sites can often be a demeaning and frustrating exercise. Solutions Matchmaking attracts mature men and women genuinely seeking to meet suitable people on a “one to one” basis. Many are new to dating, so really appreciate that they will meet others in a similar situation. Our goal is to make your dating journey enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Meet new people, make new friends, be open to establishing a loving, long term relationship.

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