You may have entered a time in your life when your marriage or long relationship has come to an end. Some of us have sadly lost a partner through death or simply have grown apart.

There is no reason to think that you are too old to meet new people, make new friends or to find a special someone to enjoy life doing things as a couple.

Solutions has a growing number of active seniors from all walks of life in Perth & country areas who's need for companionship is the same as any single person in any age group.

You may have been with your former partner for 20 plus years, so the thought of entering the dating scene can seem daunting.

We can help you make those first steps by personally putting you in direct contact with someone who shares similar thoughts and way of life & help you to meet in a mature and relaxed manner.

When joining Solutions please ask for your SENIOR'S DISCOUNT.

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We will then contact you immediately and upon your request, provide you with details of potential partners.

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