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Country Contacts

It’s not just about where you live. It’s also important that you share the same core values and enjoy a similar way of life so a relationship can grow and thrive in a happy, healthy way.

If you are unattached and live in a country region, you don’t have the same opportunities of meeting other single people as city residents do, mainly because of the population size.

In a reasonably small town, you may know a lot of people already and you may want to keep your personal life ‘personal’.

We welcome members from all areas throughout Western Australia. We try and match you with people who have a similar mindset and outlook on life and ideally be living in a nearby region.

We also have many members residing in the Perth metropolitan region who are completely open minded about meeting a partner who resides in the country. These people, who are often from a country background, realise it takes effort organising meetings and requires patience and enthusiasm getting to know someone who may live a distance away.

Give us an opportunity to review your profile on a regular basis and let potentially suitable partners know about you. We will keep you informed along the way. This process is simple, personal and confidential.

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